Chapter 17 – His Adoration for Her (1)


Riftan stared at her flushed face and whispered in breathless wonder. That alone changed his impression beyond recognition. His sharp eyes thinned, beautifully bent, and his firm lips loosened softly making him look like an innocent boy.

He moved his shapely lips over her own lips, and strummed his fingers delicately like a minstrel who played the flute. The wet sounds that echoed even reddened the Max to her ears. And a strange sensation began to simmer, making her toes curl. Unconsciously trying to evade his hands, he began to exert pressure.


It felt like flashes of sparks from the bottom of her toes flew to the top of her head inside her. Max clung desperately to his shoulder as his thick chest convulsed with laughter.

“You feel good when I touch this place, don’t you?”

“Oh, no. I, I don’t...”

Suddenly she was struck with panic. Her voice was so strange that she couldn’t think of it as her own. Her heart beating furiously and wracked with an unfamiliar, intense feeling of her limbs weakening, Max buried her lips on his shoulder, desperately swallowing a piercing moan. As the man persistently tormented her, the heat boiled inside her body and swelled beyond her control. Max gasped and buckled underneath him; her stomach felt as if it was melting.

“S-stop... oh!”

“It’s all right. Just keep feeling it.”

He continued to torture without hesitation. Feel it? What are you even doing? Max’s lips quivered in confusion. But his hands only moved faster and faster. Soon, something bubbled up from below and exploded violently. The pulses of electric shock made her release a scream enough to make one’s hair stand on end. As she tried to escape, he hugged her swaying body.

Max trembled helplessly and rubbed her damp forehead against his neck. Her body twisted beyond her consciousness and her legs trembled. She could feel her heartbeat, hear it even. Riftan only drew in a violent breath.

“Damn it, I only thought about this. I touch you and you’re all over me... I only wanted to think of this in that hellish place.”

He pursed his lips and began to stimulate again where she was still trembling in the clouds. She sobbed and shook her head wildly. But she could not escape from it.

He traced her earlobes and pushed his finger into her wet entrance, the delicate muscles contracting upon the intrusion of the foreign substance. A low groan instantly came from the lips that were wandering around her ears.

“Do you know how soft it is here? How warm it is?”

His voice gradually turned into a murmur, fingers crawling out, agonizingly slow, and pushed again deeply, filling her to the brim. Although it was a little bit bitter and uncomfortable, it didn’t hurt as much as she remembered.

Did she recall what happened that day because she exaggerated it in her mind too much? She had never experienced a mix of soft, hot and intense sensations together. As she was thinking, her head hazy, Riftan gently rolled the moist flesh with his thumb. He ran his fingers through her depths, and traced his lips down the nape of her neck.

Max struggled to get used to the peculiar feeling of ecstasy, as if she had fallen into another world. Yesterday alone, she was so scared and awkward when she allowed him to touch her. Everything was quite unreal.

Yet, why can’t she feel bad about it?

“Just relax a little bit more...”

“Oh, it hurts...”

“Listen. It won’t hurt when I go in if you do it like this.”

When I go in. Shocked by the words, she soon turned white as his slow-moving fingers continued their ministration. She squeezed her legs together and breathed hard on his shoulder. But he only whispered passionately, still kissing her temples, forehead and eyelids without rest.

“I’ll show you how... Just relax a little bit.”

She shook her head in confusion and unconsciously grasped the back of his head as he pushed his fingers deeper. She let out a low groan, her eyelids fluttering.

“I, I can’t. I don’t... know...”

“Breathe long, breathe... ease down and let it go.”

She breathed out long as he told her to. Then she felt her body finally relax slowly. He kept his gentle strokes inside her, all the while pressing his lips against her cheeks telling her she did well.

“Tighten slowly this time, with all your strength.”

He pressed a part of her warm walls and rubbed it as if he were trying to tell her where it was. Unintentionally, she curled her bottom and tightened on his fingers. He laughed in mirth again.

“I’m going crazy. No. You’re doing great. Try to relax again... Yes, like that.”

She gasped and relaxed, as she had been taught, and when he came in and went out, she tightened on him as if she was holding him back.

“Driving me crazy...”

Nothing he said went into her ears as her part carried on the strange exercise he taught. With every second, hot heat gradually rose from inside her body. It came like a slow wave, but the crash came violent. Max legs shook, her back arched and then she felt something explode inside her a second time.this content of, if you reading this content please go to website to continue reading, fastest update hourly