The chirping of the birds signaled the daybreak.

“…I guess it’s time to lay her down, isn’t it?”

I carefully lifted Kania, who was dozing on the bed, and placed her gently on the floor where she fainted. After this, I sat down on the bed that she was originally sleeping on and shouted at her.

“Hey!! How long are you going to just lie there!?”


She, who was lying on the floor, stood up in shock and looked at me with clenched teeth as she confirmed the fact that she collapsed on the floor.

“Why are you staring at me like that? Do you have any complaints?”


“Then go prepare breakfast.”


“Oh, and if you’re going to bring a terrible meal like yesterday…just take your sister and leave.”


“What? You don’t want to take your sister with you? Will you leave her with our family? I’ll make her my mistress if that’s the case.”

When I mentioned her sister, Kania couldn’t control her expression and burst into tears.

To her, her younger sister was both her most precious existence and her biggest weakness.

“Then…please get ready…I’ll be right back…”

“Yes, work hard.”

As she fled the room crying, the system window appeared in front of me without fail.

[Acquired False Evil Points: 1pt! (Insincere Remarks)]

‘…What’s this message next to the point? Is it explaining the circumstances under which I committed the evil deed?’

I glanced at the system window for a moment, then soon nodded and muttered.

“Well, I never really meant those words from the bottom of my heart.”

Kania’s younger sister later proves to be a valuable key to her future cure, so how could I treat her like that?

Well, I still have to make Kania hate me by telling her I still covet her sister.


When I got up from bed and settled down at the dining table, Kania brought coffee and sandwiches.


As I said nothing while looking down at the meal, Kania clenched her teeth. She must be thinking that I’m about to ruin the meal again.

However, I just made sure that the ‘False Evil’s Intuition’ wasn’t triggered. Given that ‘False Evil’s Intuition’ that warns me of a serious threat to my life once a day didn’t activate, it seems my breakfast isn’t poisoned.

“…Okay, I’m tired of nitpicking now.”

I started drinking coffee with an expression that said I had no choice because it was such a hassle.

‘It’s so delicious.’

I’ve been thinking for a long time, but Kania is great at cooking. Right now, even this coffee alone is enough to overwhelm the royal baristas.

“Why is this so bitter again?”

“I apologize.”

Of course, I could never say that it was delicious, since I have to be a villain.

“Anyway…there’s nothing to like about this.”

“I will do my best to please you, master.”

“Then don’t just stand there and hand me the invitation to the academy. I want to show you something.”


As I ordered in an apathetic voice, Kania pulled out an academy invitation from her arms.

[Sunrise Academy]

Frey Raon Starlight, the first son of the noble family of the Hero. We invite you to Sunrise Academy, the pride of the Empire and the foremost academy on the continent. Please come to our academy and become the starlight that shines upon us.


Dean Lionel

“Did you see? They want me to become their starlight.”

I snorted as I quietly read the invitation, then crumpled it up and threw it at Kania.

“I’m in a different position than you, an orphan who could only enter the academy with my father’s letter of recommendation.”


“So, won’t you take good care of me at the academy? Kania?”

“Yes, but Young Master…you should know…”

“The rule that all academy students are equal? Damn it, that’s what the barons and margraves follow. I’m one of the few dukes in the Empire that’s also the direct descendant of the Hero’s family.”


“So, don’t talk about such a silly thing. At the academy, if there are commoner bastards who complain about the rules, you will deal with them. Okay?”


“Then it’s time to leave for the academy. Since the descendant of the revered hero’s family can’t be late from the first day of the academy.”

Having said that, I purposely got up from my seat with more than half of the coffee and sandwich left. In my mind, I really wanted to finish the meal as I couldn’t eat well yesterday, but it’s only a way to make her hate me.

“Master, the carriage is ready.”

“Hello~! Master Frey! We will bring you safely to your destination in the finest carriage we’ve prepared!”


As I left the dormitory, a magnificent golden carriage bearing the family crest was waiting for me.

“Oh, you’re more handsome than the rumors! Oh, my gosh…I fell in love at first sight…!”


“Yes! If you have time…uhmmmm…”

I looked at the carriage for a while and was about to go inside, when suddenly a lady out of nowhere emerged and hugged me.

‘You’re so obvious, you bitch.’

I was infamous for being quite the lustful man. That’s right, at this point, my reputation is at its worst. Of course, since I’m the first son of the Hero’s family in the Empire that even the Imperial Family cannot ignore, so contrary to my reputation, I’m always revered by those around me..

Anyway, it seems like he deliberately picked a prime beauty to seduce me. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to play with such a woman right now, as my life is on the line.

“Puhaha! After all, you can clearly see the inside of such a vulgar being, isn’t it?”

I snickered and wrapped my arms around Kania’s waist, and muttered coldly.

“By the way…even though you’re of similar lowly status, I have a more useful one by my side.”

“Ah, yes…”


Kania, who suddenly curled her waist, clenched her teeth and held back her killing intent.

“…And I’m a little busy right now.”

“I see…excuse me…”

As I spoke coldly, the woman’s face turned pale blue, and she scampered away from me.

“Kania, let’s get in the carriage together.”

“I… can ride on horseback…”

“Aren’t we traveling in the carriage together, Kania?”


Meanwhile, I smiled and got on the carriage with Kania, and threw a word to the woman who was standing blankly behind me.

“You, I will remember your face.”

“Yes, Yes! Thank you!”

It was a known fact in the world that if the first son of the Starlight family ‘remembered your face’ it was a sign that he will spend the night with you.


Perhaps that’s why the woman gave a beaming smile, and Kania was struggling hard to hide her disgust.

[Acquired False Evil Points: 1pt! (Avoided Honey Trap)]

‘In fact, I remembered this from the blacklist memorized in my head.’

Perhaps that woman is a hired courtesan from a brothel in the upper echelons of the underworld. I need to write a letter to my father later and tell him about the relationship between the upper echelons of the underworld and the rest of the world.

“…Young Master.”


“I’m worried that the Young Master’s arm will go numb. So, why don’t you take your arm off my waist?”

As I got into the carriage and sat next to Kania instead of sitting across from her, keeping my arms wrapped around her, she spoke in a trembling voice.

“I don’t want to?”


“Um, come to think of it, it’s kind of awkward to keep it wrapped around your waist. Then… this is okay, right?”

Ignoring her reaction, I placed my hand on her thigh this time.

“Y-Young Master…please…don’t do this…”

Then Kania closed her eyes tightly and burst into tears.

“Well, that’s unfortunate.”

I finally moved away from her and sat on the seat opposite to her. Looking out the window, I muttered to myself while carefully wiping the blood that had spurted out from between my lips.

‘Anyway…I can’t get used to this, no matter how many times I do it.’this content of, if you reading this content please go to website to continue reading, fastest update hourly

Unless Kania is asleep, I have no choice but to infuse my life force into her this way. Of course, infusing life force this way is several times more physically demanding than when she is asleep, not to mention that I’m even treated as a sexual harasser.

Well, if I can prolong Kania’s life, I’m fully willing to be treated as a sexual harasser.

“I’m going to take a nap, so keep quiet. Kania.”



So I tried to close my eyes for a moment in the carriage before entering the academy, but soon I remembered that the woman in front of me was hell bent on killing me.


I eventually gave up on sleeping, closed my eyes and looked at the False Evil points I had once again earned through self-sacrifice.

[Accumulated False Evil Points: 100 pts]

‘Oh, that’s quite a lot?’

It hasn’t even been a day since my regression, but I’ve already accumulated 100 points, probably because I’ve been doing various evil deeds nonstop.


I opened the window, muttering “store” in a hushed voice, and rolled my eyes while keeping them closed.

‘Let’s see…stat distribution…item store…and even the skill store? That’s a lot.’

As written in the prophecy, the store seems to consume the evil points and provide me with benefits.

I want to examine it in detail right now, but there is Kania lurking out in front of me. I’ll have to find out more later once I return to my dormitory.

“Ummm…mmmmmmm…Kania…hold on…hehe…”


After I finally made my decision, I pretended to sleep while calling out Kania’s name the whole way to the academy.

Thanks to this, the bloodlust I could feel has increased, but as a result, the accumulated False Evil points have also grown.

I guess I’ll have to use this often.






“Young Master, please wake up.”

“Kania…hehe…that posture is nice…keep it up…”

“Young Master, please…”

“…Huh, what is it? What’s the matter?”

I was pretending to sleep for a while, then suddenly Kania started shaking me to wake me up.

As I roughly rubbed my eyes and woke up, Kania sighed and said.

“We’ve arrived at the academy. We’ll have to get off soon.”

“Already? These days, carriages are really fast….”

As I stretched out and looked out the window, Sunrise Academy appeared in front of me.

It’s so heartwarming to see the academy standing on the ground again. Originally, that academy collapsed under the attack of the Demon King.

– Frey Raon Starlight, the first son of the Starlight Duke, the family of the Hero, is here!

“Did you see Kania? I haven’t even entered the academy yet, but they still recognized me?”

“I think they saw the family’s crest on the carriage.”

“You’re so tactless, sometimes you just have to agree.”

“I apologize.”

I, who was deliberately being mean to Kania, muttered to myself as I looked at the accumulated False Evil points.

‘The rules of equality will be ensured, yet such nonsense is still left…equality is just a pretense.’

There is a rule that states, “Everyone is equal in the academy,” so why hasn’t the tradition of announcing the arrival of a son from an influential family on the day of the entrance ceremony yet to disappear? This is a place to gain knowledge, not a banquet hall.

The Empire is gradually rotting because of such evil practices and corruption. Although I was the one to destroy the Empire in the previous timeline, it is quite clear that the Empire’s fall was imminent, even without the involvement of the Demon King or myself.

So, I have to defeat the Demon King, make sure the heroines survive, and clean up the imperial blemishes to some extent. After defeating the Demon King, I’ll probably be no longer in this world.

Well, it’s not impossible if I use the knowledge gained from both the prophecy and the previous timeline, but the heroines are still the problem.

False Evil’s Intuition [A powerful killing intent is felt nearby!]

“…Hehe, speak of the devil.”

I took a deep breath as I recited the famous saying my ancestor loved to use in the prophetic book.

It’s not just any ‘Killing Intent’ either, but a ‘Killing Intent’ that I could feel.

Apparently, the Main Heroines are all furious.