“Frey, you there?”

“…Kania, go open the door.”


When the promised weekend came, Isolet showed up at my dormitory with blazing eyes.

For reference, the past few days have been normal with nothing special.

For the most part, the Saintess who received the blessing which allows her to bend any superhuman existence in half is constantly trying to kidnap me to the cathedral and because of that she keeps triggering the ‘False Evil’s Intuition’ skill in vain. As a result, I’m forced to live every waking moment trembling in anxiety.

I shuddered in fear when I heard Irina frequently reciting the chant of the ultimate curse she created in the previous timeline.

I also broke out in a cold sweat when the Princess would occasionally glance at me with a cold smile as I tried to greet her back with a foolish grin of my own.

It has become part of my routine to play with the fluffy cat doll after infusing my life force into Kania. I keep trying to take it away from Kania, who recently started sleeping with the doll in her arms. However, I got scared when she tossed and turned around…

Now that I think about it, her behavior in the past few days has been quite odd.

However, she is alive, and that’s all that matters, right?

“Welcome, Lady Isolet.”

“Kania? Why are you…”

“I am currently living in this room as the Young Master’s attendant.”

Isolet was surprised to see Kania, who opened the door for her on my behalf, and once Kania’s explanation was over, Isolet glared at me, then opened her mouth.

“Frey, are you out of your mind…?”


“To bring Kania… a woman… in your room… such immorality…!”

Isolet exclaimed, her voice trembling with anger and a bright red blush appeared on her face.

Yes, Isolet is quite vulnerable to such situations.

Having only trained in the Bywalker family, she knows nothing other than martial arts and is a pure maiden who had no prior romantic experience because of her characteristic upright personality, and unapproachable cold atmosphere.

Isolet herself knows she is already at marriageable age, so whenever such such a topic comes up, she reacts sensitively without even realizing.

“…Kids these days are fast, sister.”


“Why? Sister, why don’t you try it at least once before it’s too late? You don’t want to become an old maid, right?”


Her face was blushing even more at my words, but when she heard the words ‘old maid’ she stood there frozen stiff.

‘…Don’t tell me she died because of a heart attack?’

I quickly used my inspect skill in panic to check her status window, then soon breathed a sigh of relief.


Name: Isolet Arham-Bywork

Strength: 8.5

Mana: 5

Intelligence: 7

Mental Strength: 7

Passive Status: Injured Right Arm/Mental Shock

Although she didn’t die, she was afflicted with a ‘mental shock’ debuff.

[Acquired False Evil Points: 100pts! (The Harsh Truth)]

‘…Even the system confirmed the kill.’

As I offered my condolences to Isolet, who became a certified old maid approved by the system, Kania, who was standing next to me with a dissatisfied expression, opened her mouth.

“…Young Master is joking. My relationship with the Young Master is nothing like that.”

“Kania, now I…”

As I was about to chastise her out of habit, I froze at the sight of her status window that appeared in front of me.

“…Young Master?”

“Kania, last night was really great.”

“…Please don’t be like this.”

Then Kania, who had been staring at me mysteriously, suddenly shoved me aside with a disgusted look when I slyly put my hands around her waist.


As I glared at her and tried to wrap my arm around her once again, I noticed Isolet unsheathing her sword with an expression that suggested she would strike me at any moment, so I quietly hid my arm behind my back and asked.

“Anyway, why are you here? Sister?”

“…Are you asking because you don’t know?”

“Oh, that’s right. We’re supposed to go to the back alley, right?”

“…Quickly get ready. We’re going to leave right now.”

After leaving me with those words, she left the room with a blushed face.



After confirming that she stepped out of the room, I glared at Kania coldly.


“Did you just shove me?”


“…Answer me.”

As I approached her with an apathetic expression on my face, Kania bowed her head, then opened her mouth.

“I apologize, Young Master… I lost my mind for a moment… kyaa!”

I shoved her onto my bed before she could finish speaking, then climbed on top of her and whispered.

“…Kania, why do you keep being rebellious?”

“Y-Young Master…! Don’t be like this…!”

“Why? Why don’t you push me away like you did before? Come on, hurry and push me away. If you aren’t pushing me… it means you like it as well.”


At my words, Kania turned pale and started shoving me aside, but she was so weak that it was nearly impossible from the beginning to push me away with her weak strength.

“Yes… you like it too, don’t you?”

“P-Please Stop! Stop it!!”

Eventually, when I grabbed Kania’s collar with an insidious gaze, she started throwing her fists at me.



She hammered me with her fists for a while, and after getting the timing right, I grabbed both of her hands and firmly clutched them. Next, I forced my weight on top of her body, then whispered once more.

“…If I put my mind to it, I can force myself on you like this.”


“Because you belong to me. You’re neither a butler nor my attendant… You’re merely a tool I use as I see fit.”


As I apathetically watched her eyes slowly turn dim, I opened my mouth to put the final nail in this matter. .

“So, don’t be disobedient. If you act rebellious one more time… This won’t end here… Cough!!”

“…..Young Master!?”

However, soon a great deal of blood poured out of my mouth, and I ended up spilling a lot of blood on her clothes and bed since I couldn’t close my mouth in time.

“…… Cough, cough! Cough!”

“Wha-What’s this…”

“…Get lost.”


“FUCK OFF!!!!!”

When I screamed, Kania looked at me as if stunned for a moment, then rushed out of the room.

“Cough, cough! Fuck…”

As I spit blood out of my mouth, I quietly stared at her disappearing back.

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Name: Kania

Strength: 3

Mana: ???

Intelligence: 7

Mental Strength: 4

Passive Status: Afflicted / Mana Instability / Curse of Self-Destruction / Mental shock

“…Phew, we crossed the hurdle for now.”

There is only one reason I did this.

Just now, Kania’s life was in danger.

When I was looking at Isolet’s status window earlier, I was startled to see Kania’s passive status suddenly pop up in front of me.

It was because her status ‘Afflicted’ and ‘Mana Instability’ which she originally had changed to ‘Critically Ill’ and ‘Mana Outburst’ respectively.

The reason she was fine is probably because it hasn’t been long since the ‘Mana Outburst’ phenomenon occurred. Because, when mana outburst occurs, the mana of the body flows backwards as time goes by.

When this happens, the subject will be tormented by excruciating pain as if their whole body is being torn apart, then eventually they will either go crazy or die. And even if they were to somehow miraculously survive, they would probably have to live as a disabled person for the rest of their life.

Since it was an emergency, I had no choice but to act as if I was going to attack her in order to infuse more life force by maximizing the contact area with her body.

‘…Wait, what was the reason for Kania’s sudden mana outburst?’

I’m sure I’ve been infusing my life force into her every night… Why the hell is she suffering from mana outburst? I don’t understand.

‘Is she using black magic behind my back?’

If she continued using black magic without my help, it could explain the mana outburst phenomenon. Whatever it is, I need to investigate what the hell she is doing.

As I was contemplating, I saw the blood on the bedsheet and realized that I spewed out a lot of blood in front of her.

I’m sure eventually she’ll be asking about today’s events… How should I respond then?

‘…Should I just pretend that I’m suffering from a heart disease? No, there wasn’t anything like that in the previous timeline… Then should I say it’s a side effect of that brooch?’

After a moment of deliberation, I remembered the fact that Isolet was waiting for me, so first I put off my worries for later, then urgently started changing clothes.

Somehow, the things I need to worry about keep piling up.






“Frey, where are we going?”

“Huh? Of course we’re going to the back alley, aren’t we?”

I’m currently walking down the market street with Isolet while wearing a black robe.

For reference, Isolet is very nervous about going to a dangerous back alley, so she was wearing armor underneath her clothes, and remained vigilant of the surroundings while firmly gripping her family’s sword.

However, the back alley is actually not as dangerous as she thinks. It’s common knowledge that if you get caught you’ll be sentenced to death, but since that rule is not enforced properly, the back alley is just your average entertainment district.

Of course, there exist some really dangerous corners.

“He-Help… Help me…”

“My body… My body hurts…”

“E-even a slice of bread… is fine…”

We were silently passing through the market street, then suddenly beggars began flocking to us.


Isolet had a sorrowful look on her face as she witnessed such a scene, since most of the beggars gathered around us were children.

The reason for this situation is the corruption that is deeply rooted in our Empire.

The Aristocrats only care about their own well-being and do not look after their subjects, thus the people are bound to become poor. That’s why parents dump their kids in the middle of the market like that to reduce the mouths that need to be fed.

Abandoned children wander around begging for days, then eventually starve to death.

Then their corpses disappear the next day.

On the day the corpse disappears, the rest of the children don’t beg for a few days. As for the reason, those who know need no explanation.

Similar incidents are happening all over the Empire. If that’s the case, one might wonder why is everyone is standing still when people who are living such impoverished lives are likely to rise up.

The simple answer to that question is… it will happen soon. That too, across the whole Empire.

And it all started with the ‘raid on the commoner’s dormitory,’ at the Sunrise Academy.

Of course, the reason behind the attack is… the Demon King who started moving in earnest, but even if the Demon King didn’t step in, it’s an uprising that eventually would have erupted one day.

In that sense, as I quote my ancestor’s words, this hopeless Dark Fantasy World is on its last breath.

Rebellions, uprisings, droughts, disasters will occasionally occur… In the end, an impossible to oppose existence called the Demon King appears.

Even if I, the main character, were to awaken the hero’s armament and slay the Demon King using the standard route instead of the system, by then it will be too late and I’ll be left alone in this ruined world. What a grim and absurd world this is.

“Please, I’m begging you… My brother is in pain…”


While I was cursing this damned world repeatedly inside my mind, I soon came to my senses and looked down when someone tugged at my robe.

“Please… Please, just one penny… Please for goodness’ sake…”


“I want to feed my younger brother… even a slice of bread…”

“…A slice of bread?”

“My brother… before he dies of illness… I want to feed him and see his smile at least once… heik… heik…”

The haggard but sweet girl, who was tugging my robe, burst in tears while speaking, as she was overwhelmed by her emotions.

As I stared at her like that, I was about to retort coldly out of habit, but then spoke to her in a kind voice when I soon realized that the robe I’m wearing hid my appearance.

“…Stop crying.”

“heik, heik… sniff…”

“Right, you’re a good girl.”

I gently patted the little girl’s head. She stopped crying and sobbed instead, then I glanced sideways at Isolet, who was beside me.

“Please… Madam… My child…”

“Sister… I’m hungry… Please help me…”

“Sister… Please help me…”

“Now, wait a minute! Everyone will get their share equally, so line up!”

Isolet was sweating profusely while dealing with the beggars who discovered her identity as an aristocratic lady when they saw the sword she was carrying. Apparently, this little girl was too weak to join that crowd.

‘In such a situation… she probably won’t be able to see my actions…’

After I pondered for a moment, I rummaged through my pocket, then pulled out a pouch of gold coins and handed it to the little kid.

“…With this, treat your little brother and find a house.”

“…Yes, yes!? But…!”

Seeing the pouch of gold coins in her hands, she looked stupefied, then soon raised her voice.



As I hastily covered her mouth in panic, I looked around cautiously, then took my hand off her mouth, and whispered.

“…We almost got caught.”

“Ha, but… it’s too much…”


“I-I don’t think I can give you anything in return… What should I do? I-I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pay you back even when I grow up…”

After stroking the hair of the brave little girl who wanted to repay me when she grew up, I whispered quietly again.

“It’s all right. You don’t have to repay me.”


“Yes, instead, help me out for a second.”


“What you are going to do from now on is worth several times more than a few gold coins.”

Having said that, the little girl tilted her head as I whispered something into her ears, then soon she gave me a beaming smile and said.

“I don’t know why you’re asking me to do this, but I’ll try my best!”

“…All right, when you’re done, take your little brother out of this place as soon as possible.”

Having said, I took out a whip, then started beating the kid with all my might.


When she screamed with her feeble voice, the beggars who were plundering Isolet’s money, the passersby, and even Isolet herself immediately looked our way as their faces contorted with an appalled expression.

“…You lowlife! How dare you try to pickpocket?”

“I-I’m sorry!! I’ll never do that again… kyaa!!”

“Shut up!! Bugs like you deserve to die!!”

With that said, I began exerting more force on the whip, and the little girl’s screams grew hoarse.

‘…Ah, my arm hurts.’

Of course, this whip is the ‘Whip of the False Evil’ that I purchased in advance from the store, which inflicts no pain on the person being whipped. Perhaps this little girl is clenching her teeth to hold back her tickles by now?

“Oh, no!! Please stop it!!”

As I was pretending to beat the kid, Isolet rushed to the scene with blazing eyes, then yelled at me as she wrapped her arms around the kid.

“Are you insane!? What did this kid do…”

“She tried to steal my wallet.“

“But that doesn’t mean you need to beat the child to this extent!!!”

Enraged, Isolet laid the girl on the ground and then strode up to me with eyes that blazed hatred.

“Okay, I’ll stop. I’ll just go on my way…”

“…You’re really a horrible person. Really.”

“…You realize that now?”

“I was an idiot for believing in you. From now on, I won’t worry about you… I won’t treat you privately, either. So, don’t call me sister from now on.”

“Do as you wish.”

Having said that, she glared at me with disdain, then turned around and strode towards the little girl.

‘…Did it work?’

I stared at her for a moment, then immediately used the ‘Mind Reading’ skill with a sense of anticipation, but…

[Isolet Arham Bywalker’s current emotions: Contempt/Rage/Disappointment/Concern/Regret/Pity/Sorrow]


I sighed deeply as soon as I discovered that she still has emotions such as concern, regret, and pity.

‘You won’t worry… you’re lying.’

If Isolet continues to be ‘concerned’ about me… she will be in grave danger in the upcoming main scenario.

So, on this occasion I was going to end her affection for me… but this kind hearted older sister seems to be still concerned about a scum like me.


I quietly showed the little girl in Isolet’s arms a thumbs up since she was looking at me with a slightly terrified expression.

“…T-Thank you!”

After that, she got away from Isolet in a hurry, then thanked her in a loud voice while bowing her head and later disappeared into a dark alley.

[Acquired False Evil Points: 300 pts! (Charity Angel)]

“…Let’s go.”

While I was staring at the notification window that appeared in front of me, I calmly spoke to Isolet, who was still glaring at me.


When she asked again coldly, I replied while pointing to the dark alley where the kid had just entered.

“…to the back alley.”






“…Ha, is this really back alley?”

“That’s right.”

Isolet, who entered the back alley, was speechless when she witnessed the gorgeous scenery in front of her.

Indeed, even I would be stunned.

If you go back a block, you’ll see children starving to death, and if you go a block ahead, you’ll lay your eyes on decorations everywhere and people walking around while wearing jewelleries from head to toe.

However, this is precisely the ridiculous reality of this rotten Empire.

“…Did all these people come here through the dark alley we entered from?”

“No, that’s not even an entrance. High-ranking people claim it’s filthy, and it’s just an alley that’s not even used for emergencies.”


“Then, welcome to the heart of the Empire… Professor.”

When I changed the way I addressed her, Isolet frowned and spoke coldly.

“Guide me to the store.”

“It’s right in front of you. Can’t you see?”


“I didn’t come in through the dark alley for no reason. I entered through that way on purpose in order to save time.”

“…You wait here. I’ll take care of it.”

Having said that, she started trudging towards the magic tool shop.

“I’m sorry, owner. But I’ll hire you soon so you won’t feel bored for long…”



After a minute of silence for my favorite eccentric owner, suddenly I turned around at the sound of a distant groan then immediately froze.

“Uh! Ugh! Ughhh…!!!”

“…Stay still, kid. There is no one here to help you.”

“Huh? You don’t look like you ate much, yet you’re so full of energy, isn’t it? I think we got ourselves a valuable product, right?”

It was because, in the dimly lit crevice between two buildings, I saw the little girl who previously received a pouch of gold coins from me struggling while forcefully held by a group of masked men.

“Puha… Saa-Save me…! Ugh…!”

“If she is this good… she’ll be a premium product if we feed her well.”

“…We’re withdrawing for today.”

“Hey, you’re going to let me have some fun today, right?”

The girl, who had been struggling for a while, soon fainted after being hit by a blow in her stomach. Soon afterwards, the masked kidnappers tied her up and exchanged some words, then disappeared somewhere in an instant.


Watching the scene quietly, I murmured, fiddling with my sword, which I previously hid inside my robe, close to my chest in fear of being swarmed by beggars if they were to find that out.

“…It seems I’ll have to change my plans.”

For the first time in a long while, the moment has arrived to serve my original role as a hero.