I was the Empire’s greatest villain.

“The Empire wouldn’t be in this pathetic state if it weren’t for you.”

These were the last words that my fiancée, who was a genius that appeared once in a lifetime and the Chancellor of the Empire, said to me before she went to fight in the final battle against the Demon King’s army.

She died defending the imperial castle until the very end.

“Fuck off and die, retard!”

These were the last words said to me by the Archmage who swept through the battlefield and hunted down the Demon King’s executives.

She managed to inflict a fatal wound on the Demon King before her limbs were torn apart.

“You’ve made me realize even God has forsaken us. For that, I’m truly grateful.”

These were the Saintess’ parting words, who was said to be born only once every few thousand years.

She died at the hands of the Demon King’s forces as she struggled to evacuate one more imperial citizen.


The Warlock’s dying words, as someone who had been my attendant since my childhood.

She rebuked my hideous nature before committing suicide right in front of my eyes.

“…Out of everyone I’ve ever known, you are the most repulsive.”

This was how the Princess, the hope of the Empire, said her last goodbye on the day of the decisive battle.

She resisted the Demon King until the end, before being used as a sacrifice to the magic that turned this continent into Hell.

“Even the worst demons condemned to Hell are less vile than you, you foolish man.”

The Demon King said so with a mocking laughter, as I willingly surrendered and grabbed the hero’s armament that has been passed down through my family for generations.

“…I know.”

However, that laughter quickly turned into a muttering of shock when I let the hero’s armament in my arms explode.

“…Boy, why the hell?”

To the Demon King, who asked with a bewildered expression, I gave a simple answer with a smile.

“…To gain the System.”

After saying those words, I glanced at the system window that appeared in front of me with a dull sound as I disappeared alongside the Demon King.

System unlocked [ Path of False Evil ]

And when I opened my eyes, I was lying in the dormitory bed where I was staying the day before I entered the academy.

“Ha…I really am back…”

After realizing that I have returned to a time in the past after checking the calendar on my desk, I muttered quietly.


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I stared ahead with a satisfied look at the system window obtained with great difficulty after doing something that did not fit my nature before I tried to get out of bed due to feeling hungry.

Warning Penalty!


When I checked the window that had appeared in front of me, I had no choice but to freeze in shock as I got out of bed.

Penalty 5 Main Heroines have awakened the memories of the previous timeline!

“…What is this bullshit….?”

I’m fucked.