“…Frey Raon Starlight, do you’ve any idea how much of a serious matter this is?”

“I don’t know? Why’re you even making such a big deal out of one artifact?”

Currently, I’m having a private conversation with Isolet alone in the staff room.

The reason I’m having a private meeting with her is because the other professors sneaked out of the staff room one by one the moment they glanced at my face.

Even if I’m the first son of the Duke who has significant influence over the Empire, does it make sense for a professor to be afraid of his student?

However, this corrupted academy of this rotten Empire has accomplished the impossible. At this point, frankly, it’s outright astounding.

Of course, most of the professors who just went out now are newcomers or commoners in charge of the first year, but that doesn’t mean that this situation is normal.

“If it had been a common reinforcement artifact, this matter wouldn’t have escalated like this. Obviously, that’s also a violation of the rules, but it would’ve only ended up with a firm warning and penalization with demerit points.”

Isolet stated with a serious expression on her face while I was engrossed in my thoughts, so I asked her back with an extremely annoyed look.

“Then why are you doing this now?”

“The artifact reacted to the Saintess’s ‘Holy Power’. How could you not know what that means?”

“Sister, you know well enough that my brain lost its shine when I was a kid, right? So, why isn’t it obvious?”

As I brazenly answered with my legs crossed, Isolet sighed and then soon changed her expression to that of concern and said.

“Frey… you weren’t like this when you were a kid… why the hell did you change like that…”

Hearing her mild emotional voice, I momentarily felt my heart ache.

[Isolet Arham Bywalker’s Current Emotions: Anger/Disappointment/Concern/Regret/Pity]

Because of that, I used the [Mind Reading] skill without even realizing. As I blankly stared at the information that appeared in front of me, I soon closed my eyes and began reminiscing.

When I was young, Prof. Isolet…No, sister Isolet always treated me kindly, was one of the few people who believed in me until the end, even when everyone pointed their fingers at me.

Come to think of it, my childhood friend and fiancée also tried to rehabilitate me till the end, but even though sister Isolet and I only had a relationship similar to that of siblings, I felt more grateful to her for still believing in me.

Maybe that’s why I did it? When I saw her corpse after she died in the academy protecting the students while slaying the Demon King’s army, I wailed for a long time while holding her frozen body, despite knowing the fact that she would obviously come back to life after the regression, maybe that’s the reason after all?

‘…No, let’s not wallow in needless sentimentality.’

Isolet Arham Bywalker is now alive in front of my eyes.

Not only her, the 5 ‘Main Heroines’ who hated and cursed me till their death are also alive.

So, to make sure they never die again… No matter what, I must become the villain.

“…Don’t be melodramatic. I haven’t changed, I just adapted to the world.”


“…And I’m certain, sister, you too will realize it someday, won’t you?”


“Even if you continue living righteously like that, you’ll eventually break down at some point. Sister, you know that quite well, right?”


She must be feeling quite unpleasant listening to this, as she was someone who always used her beliefs as a weapon, and never gave up on her own will and beliefs.

“I suppose so, however, even if I break down…the buds I’ve nurtured will surely bloom someday.”

Nevertheless, she spoke gently while looking at me without showing any signs of dislike. Really, she’s such a nice person.

“So, Frey. Stop being stubborn and…”

“Let’s move on to the point. So what’s wrong with this artifact?”

I quickly changed the subject, as I thought conversing any further would reveal my true feelings. Isolet looked at me quietly while sighing, then soon returned to her business-like expression.

“The artifact reacted to ‘Holy Power’. That means…it’s an artifact that uses black magic, which is strictly prohibited by the Empire.”


“Where did you get that artifact? Frey?”

“…in the back alley.”

“That brooch isn’t something that can be sold in a place such as a back alley…”

“You know it’s a code word, right?”


For the nobility, ‘Back Alley’ is a jargon referring to the largest and most notorious black market in the underworld.

Of course, if you get caught, you’ll be sentenced to death under the Imperial Law, but none of the nobles obey it.

There are rumors that when the Empire’s key figures and political powers decide to meet, then instead of sending letters, their carriages turn towards the back alley.

“…Can you bear the consequences of that comment just now?”

“Are you going to report me, the first son of Duke Starlight? We live in an era where, let alone a duke, even a baron’s wife brags about the ornaments she bought in the back alley. Do you really think the report will work?”

“…You must have forgotten my influence.”

“Rather than elder sister who is half way disowned by the Bywalker family, who were the Hero’s comrade…the first son of the Hero’s family, the Starlight, who might be hated but isn’t abandoned, will be more influential.”


As I retorted, she glared at me, and then immediately opened her mouth.

“…I will report this to the Imperial Family.”

“Yeah, do whatever you want.”

“In addition, I will report this incident to your father as well.”

“Oh, that’s a bit…”

After the meeting, I was going to write a letter to my father asking for some money when I get back to the dormitory…but if this incident reaches my father’s ears, I’ll be in trouble.

“Hey, I’ll do anything, just don’t tell my father…”


“…Eh? Sister?”


When I urgently pleaded with a sullen expression, Isolet let out a deep sigh, then opened her mouth.

“Then let me offer you a condition.”


“…Take me to the place where you bought this.”


“I can’t leave a place that sells such dangerous magical artifacts to students as it is. I’ll have to personally launch a raid and procure the evidence.”

“…I’m not the only person who buys from the underworld, you know.”

I was speechless for a moment by her immense sense of justice, then soon nodded my head as if it was fine and said.

“Okay! I’ll take you! If I do that, you won’t report to my father, right?”


“Fine! That’s an acceptable deal! Then, how about going on the weekend? I was going to visit on the weekend anyway!”

“We’re going on a raid. We’re not going there for shopping.”

“Don’t be like that, sister, take advantage of this opportunity! I heard there is plenty of amazing stuff, won’t you check it out once?”

“…I don’t want to.”

I was smiling and smirking with a sly expression, but in reality, I was shedding tears of blood on the inside.

‘…Fuck, that was the most cost-effective store.’

I can’t believe I have to let go of a store with such an eccentric owner who was selling me illegal artifacts required for false evil deeds at a fixed price without ripping me off just because I’m a student…it’s really heartbreaking.

However, what’s illegal is still illegal, so what can I do? In return for destroying the entire store, I’ll just have to poach the kind and skilled owner, and make him my own personal artisan.

“Well, if you don’t like it, there’s nothing I can do…anyway, it’s over now, right? Can I leave?”


As I stood up from my seat, I glanced at Isolet, who remained silent and seemed lost in thought.

“Well then, I’ll see you on the weekend!”

“…got it.”

So, I left the staffroom in a hurry after saying goodbye to her, who seemed preoccupied with something.

For reference, as soon as I left, the professors who had been absent-mindedly standing in the hallway began entering the staffroom one by one.

Perhaps, I should also think about ways to increase the professors’ authority.





Time passed by, and before I knew it, the last class of the day came.

In the last class, Isolet was busy, so she didn’t come to the classroom, and naturally the atmosphere became that of self-study, while the delighted nobles flocked together and started chatting.

“That’s why! Then the guy who was drunk at that time…!”

“Oh my, is that for real?”

“Pfft… that’s hilarious…”

The various factions were starting to become clear in the last hour.

“So Lord Frey…if it’s fine with you, please join us after the academy…”

“…Um, that stupid professor didn’t say anything, did she? Don’t worry too much… We’re on Lord Frey’s side.”

“I can’t believe someone is pulling this sort of prank with a brooch …it certainly must be one of those lowly commoners. Shall we investigate them one by one?”

To be honest, there is nothing I can do about it.

Because I was surrounded by nobles who were merrily chatting with each other.

Depending on how you look at it, it seems like I’m being persecuted by the nobles, but in reality, this is a subtle signal from the noble students conveying they want to join my faction.

Unlike the commoners who were sitting quietly behind me, reading or reviewing the books, watching the nobles standing in line and spreading the art of flattery, I feel a sudden rush of blood to my head, but sadly there was nothing I could do about it.

In order to be a False evil, I need to become the leader of this despicable bunch.

– thud!

Just as I was dealing with the aristocratic students one by one, while trying to suppress my rage, the door opened and someone entered the classroom.


And at that moment, all the noisy nobles froze.

That’s because the person who just entered the classroom is the Third Princess of the Empire, Clana Solar Sunrise.

With her radiant blonde hair and eyes, which are the symbols of the Imperial Family of the Sunrise Empire, and a prideful face that mesmerizes anyone who lay their eyes on her, she exuded an aura that can grab the attention of the entire crowd at once…

“…I found a nice pub nearby, drinks on me! So why don’t we enjoy ourselves there and forget everything that happened today, once and for all?”

“…I heard the professor is in a state of being half disowned by the Bywalker family? Then, to be honest, she’s not really a big deal, is she?”

“…Well? Still, she did have some skills.”

“However, if you witnessed the earlier duel…it’s clear as day that Lord Frey is stronger? You’re amazing, Lord Frey!“

“That’s right! I’m sure she’s just embarrassed that she lost, so she used the brooch that someone maliciously planted as an excuse!”

The nobles, who were staring at her for a while, averted their gaze, then looked back and forth between me and her, and soon continued their earlier conversation.


Then they began treating the Imperial Princess as a stranger and never looked back at her again until she quietly settled down in an empty seat.

Yes, just now the nobles have finished making an internal evaluation.

Rather than the Imperial Princess, who is just a figurehead at the very bottom of the line of succession, it’s more beneficial to become the part of my faction, the first son of the Ducal family of Starlight, that has wielded immense power in the Empire for a thousand years, and who even the Imperial family can’t treat carelessly.


In addition, the commoners didn’t approach her either.

Although the nobles despise the Imperial Princess, she belongs in a far too prominent place for mere commoner students who are just ordinary citizens of the Empire.


And Kania and Ferloche didn’t approach her as well.

Kania is a warlock, so if she gets close to Clana and Ferloche, who have the power of the sun, her mana might go out of control, meanwhile Ferloche is quite reluctant to approach her because she is just sick and tired of all the complicated power struggles between the Church and the Imperial family in the previous timeline.

In other words, she is now just a complete loner in her class.

“I’ve already succeeded once…”

However, I clearly heard…

“…there’s nothing that can’t be done twice.”

…What she muttered with determined eyes.

‘…In any case, she’s an outstanding person.’

If my fiancée is a model of a natural genius, then the Imperial Princess is literally an example of a hard-working self-made person.

She was called the Solitary Princess, last in the line of succession. However, in the previous timeline, she clenched her teeth and expanded her base of support, all the while honing her combat capabilities by training to the bone.

Through sheer efforts and hard work, she eventually shocked everyone by becoming first in line of succession, but in the aftermath, this feat has worn away her once cute personality and turned it cold.

However, her once adorable personality that occasionally pops out was famous as one of the funniest attractions of the Imperial Palace that welcomed her as the new Empress.

Until the Demon King destroyed everything.


As I was reminiscing about the past for a while, the Princess glared at me.

As I hastily averted my gaze from her, I started worrying about a dilemma that suddenly popped up in my head.

‘… Should I obstruct the Imperial Princess from expanding her influence? Or Shouldn’t I?’

If I let the Imperial Princess widen her circle of influence, my life will be in danger right away, meanwhile if I were to interfere, I’ll put the future Empire in danger.

Since all the other heirs to the throne are legitimate dirty sons of bitches.

‘…It’s really driving me crazy.’

How come it feels like nothing is getting resolved and more and more problems keep piling up?

“…Dog shit game.”

” Yes? I beg your pardon?”

“It’s nothing, by the way, did you mention a pub earlier…?”

I spit out the words my ancestor liked to use in the prophetic book and agreed to go out for drinks with the nobles.

Today, I want to sleep soundly in bed after drinking till dawn.






“… Young Master, you’re here”

“…Oh, that’s right. You’re here as well.”

I forgot Kania was staying in my dorm. She even waited for me with her eyes wide open until I returned after drinking till dawn.

“…Well, I’ll prepare your bath.”

“No need. Get out of here.”

“Yes, then I’ll sleep on an extra bed.”

“No, get out of the room.”

“Then have a good night.”

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It’s been a while since I spit out curses, but I soon realized that this will result in a loss of false evil points, so I calmed my mind as I laid down on the bed.

‘…I’m going to lie here just like this until Kania falls asleep, then I’ll infuse her with enough life force for tomorrow and also get some sleep.’

As I was lying in bed while organizing my thoughts, I found a black cat doll on the desk.

“…Hey, what’s that for?”

“You mean that?”

As I asked while pointing to the doll, Kania answered my question with a smile.

“…It’s a gift from my sister. Isn’t it cute?”

“Tsk, a black cat…it’s a bad omen.”

I actually love cats, but I lied without even realizing. I think it is because I developed a habit of lying while living as a villain.

‘…that’s sad.’

As I was feeling depressed, along with the overlapping tipsiness and the late night mood, I quietly turned off the lamp at my bedside, closed my eyes, and then pretended to be asleep.






So, after a while since Frey and Kania went to bed.

“…Are you sleeping?”


Frey, who was lying quietly with her eyes closed, asked Kania a question, and after confirming that there was no response, he quietly stood up.

“…Okay, I’m sure you fell asleep.”

Frey can easily tell whether or not Kania is asleep, as it has become a routine for him to infuse life force into her when she is asleep. After determining that Kania was indeed sleeping soundly, he turned around and started heading towards the extra bed.

“…All right, you’re definitely asleep.”

“Well then, shall we get started for today?”

Eventually, Frey arrived in front of the extra bed, then slowly extended his hand to Kania, who was in deep slumber.

And such a figure of Frey was reflected in the eyes of the black cat doll lying on the desk.