When I arrived at the spot where the assailants disappeared alongside the girl, I felt a familiar yet unpleasant feeling.

“…Black magic.”

In black magic, the more evil the caster’s heart is, the more vicious is the dark mana.

It’s hard for ordinary people to notice, but I can easily tell the difference since I have always been with Kania.


I closed my eyes for a second to feel the vicious dark mana of the black magic. A while later, I sensed the traces of dark mana leading to the street outside.

“…Is it a stealth spell?”

Even in the back alley, it’s almost suicidal to abduct a girl in broad daylight and use the crowded street as an escape route.

Apparently, there is a fairly skilled warlock among the kidnappers.

[Unexpected Quest Occurred !]


While I was speculating, a system window suddenly appeared in front of my eyes.

Sudden Quest: Child Rescue

Quest Content: Rescue the little girl.

Reward: ???

Failure Penalty: Slight reduction in health and lifespan.

“…Quest? So, is this case related to the ‘Scenario’?”

The quests given by the ‘Path of False Evil’ system are closely associated with the grim fate of this world, namely the ‘scenario,‘ which is directly linked to the inevitable bad ending.

In that case, there seems to be one more reason to save that kid.

I don’t know why, but saving that little girl will help prevent the bad ending of the world.

As I firmed my resolve with such a thought, I heard a rumble from outside.

When I went outside, wondering what was going on, I witnessed the magic tool store being smashed.

“Lass, why are you acting so violently? Do you have something against me?”

“…You’re quite skilled. I have to take you seriously.”

Having said that, Isolet’s expression turned serious. She unsheathed her family sword while the magic tool store’s owner took out various artifacts with a benign smile on his face.

“My goodness, you’re a lass who doesn’t understand words, aren’t ya? Then there’s nothing I can do about it. Since you’re the one who wrecked my store in the first place, don’t blame me too much, even if you get hurt, all right?”

As soon as those words were spoken, Isolet’s sword slash and the owner’s magic spell clashed.

After observing the scene for a while, I judged that the battle would be over by the time I returned, and pulled out the black robe I had taken off earlier when I entered the back alley.

“…Why is someone as strong as you opening an illegal store in a place like this?”

“In the back alley, there is an unwritten rule that one shouldn’t ask about someone’s past! And even if it isn’t an unwritten rule, I have no intention of telling someone like you who suddenly invades and wrecks other people’s property!”

I grinned when I heard the cheerful owner’s voice, then soon put on my robe and silently followed the trail of black magic.

“…Well, did you know my chef used to serve a potato dish for both lunch and dinner?”

“It makes me nauseated just thinking about it. So, what happened to that chef?”

“I kicked him out after I broke his wrist. It’s still generous considering my mouth still reeks of potatoes, thanks to that jerk.”

As I was following the trail, I sighed inwardly when I accidentally overheard the conversation of gentlemen wearing suits.

‘…On the marketplace right next block, children are dying because of starvation and don’t even get to eat potato peels, let alone potatoes.’

If possible, I would like to feed all the vagrants in the marketplace until they’re satisfied. However, if I did that as the first son of the ‘Starlight’ family, I won’t have any life span left because of the system’s penalty.

Moreover, I don’t have enough funds to help them while hiding my identity. Because I also need financial resources to overcome the upcoming scenario.

I momentarily stared at the gentlemen passing by me, and swore to myself that once everything was over, I’ll immediately start with poor relief project as I quietly marched forward.






“…Huh? Is this the dining district?”

For some reason, the trail of black magic led me to the restaurant district.

I tilted my head for a while. Next moment, I closed my eyes again to sense the dark mana since I was worried if I somehow misunderstood the traces of the black magic. However, still I could feel a strong presence of dark mana in the dining district.

Eventually, I opened my eyes and decided to trust my instincts as I dashed towards the dining district.

After walking around the dining district for such a long time, luxurious restaurants became sparse, and shabby eateries gradually started appearing, as the dark mana grew more and more intense.


However, when I reached the far end of the dining district, the presence of the dark mana suddenly disappeared.

As I raised my head to assess this abnormality, I was greeted by the sight of an old tavern that looked as if it belonged in the countryside.

“…Greenhorns aren’t allowed.”

“…Get lost.”

I took a deep breath, and the moment I was about to enter the tavern, suddenly two ruffians came out of the entrance and blocked my way.

“I came here because I heard that the snacks here are delicious…”

“Can’t you hear us, kid? Fuck off.”

“…Should I just beat him to a pulp? It should be fine, since I’m bored to death, anyway.”

Nevertheless, when I didn’t back down, the thugs approached me threateningly, while cracking their knuckles, but…

“…Can you recommend to me what’s delicious here?”


Soon after, I tossed a few gold coins I took out from my pocket at them. The thugs, who immediately snatched the gold coins, absent-mindedly stared at each other for a moment, then hastily bowed their heads in front of me and began groveling.

“Of course, Young Master…our tavern has delicious ‘Snacks’.”

“Well then, let’s have some fun!”

So, as I entered the tavern, leaving behind the two of them who still had their heads bowed, instead of a bustling drinking party, a room splendidly decorated with mirrors and all kinds of jewels greeted me.

“…Oh my, aren’t you a charming young man? What business do you have here?”


Eventually, a madame wearing thick make-up came down with beaming eyes. Having grasped the situation roughly, I promptly started acting.

“I prefer to see and choose in person.”

“…You’re quite impetuous, aren’t you? Then… look at this catalog…”

“No, not with pictures, but with my own eyes.”


“These days, there are so many places where people scam you with pictures. Where do you keep the kids hidden? Warehouse? Basement?”


As I spoke calmly, the madame frowned slightly and opened her mouth

“…I’ll get in trouble if I do this handsome young man.”

“…You’ll be in trouble?”

“Yes… Our store also has its circumstances… If we follow all our customers’ requests…”

“…Even like this?”


However, when I took out a gold coin pouch from my pocket and put it on the counter, her eyes were wide open for a moment, then she soon tried to look composed and said.

“You must be quite a wealthy young man, aren’t you? However, no matter how much you offer, it’s a trade secret…”

“…Even like this?”

“Hey, if you keep doing this…”

“…Even like this?”


And then, as I took out gold coin pouches one after another and put them on the counter, the madame had a troubled look on her face as if she was agonizing over something.

“…Isn’t it possible?”

“Um… that’s…”

“Even after this, if it isn’t possible, I have no choice but to find another store.”

“…Now, wait a minute!”

After staring at the madame with an apathetic gaze, the moment I got up from my seat and pretended to retrieve the gold coin pouches, she screamed in panic.

“It’s usually not supposed to be like this… but I’ll make an exception for you since you’re such a handsome young man, all right?”

“…Even though this robe hides my appearance, I’m flattered.”

“If you’re in this line of work for a long time like myself… Even if you hide your appearance, I can tell.”…

After she finished speaking with a seductive smile, she rose from her seat and motioned for me to follow her.

I got up from my seat while giving her a nonchalant look and used the〚Inspect〛skill on madame who slowly started walking somewhere.

For reference, I already raised the〚Inspect〛skill a few days ago by spending some points in advance to prepare for today. Therefore, people’s disposition now also appears in the status window.


Name: ???

Strength: 7.5

Mana: 7.5

Intelligence: 7.5

Mental Strength: 8.5

Passive Status: Blessing of Bewitchment/Succubus’ Fragrance

Disposition: Gold Digger


When I saw her status window, I sighed and muttered to myself outrageously.

‘The reason the sudden quest popped up was this?’

I sensed an evil aura from her, so I used〚Inspect〛skill on her and found ‘Blessing of Bewitchment’ and ‘Succubus’ Fragrance’ in passive status.

And, if my memory serves me right, those two passives are characteristic traits possessed by the Succubus Queen ‘Arbatia,’ one of the Demon King’s Executives in the previous timeline.

Although she lacks strength and mana compared to other Executives, she excels in mental magic more than anyone else, especially the ‘Seduction’ magic.

Thanks to that, on many occasions in the previous timeline, she bewitched countless warriors who later died a dog’s death.

‘…This is an unexpected harvest.’

However, since I have now found her here, that tragedy won’t happen in this timeline.

“…Come on, this way.”

As I was thinking about it, the Succubus Queen suddenly opened a secret door on the floor and was staring at me with a smile on her face.

“…I’m looking forward to it.”

I told the Succubus Queen exactly how I felt right now and followed her down to the basement.






“Now… well then, look around to your heart’s content, handsome Young Master.”

“This is…”

Following her, the basement I arrived at was in quite a miserable state.

Because girls with unfocused and lifeless eyes were cowering behind bars in a prison.

“Ladies… we have a guest. Shouldn’t you smile?”


When the Madame, who was glaring at them, spoke with an icy voice, the women flinched and forcefully formed a smile on their face.

“He he he… he he he…”

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There was fear in their eyes as they laboriously tried to smile.

“…Was that a bit stimulating for you, Young Master?”


As I blankly stared at them, the Succubus Queen glanced at me and asked.


“Oh… yes, you… any of them to your liking?”

“I’m kidding.”

As I moved away while looking at the Succubus Queen, who started licking her lips with a smile in her eyes, then said in a disgruntled tone.

“They all look fine…but they’re too old.”

“Yes? But they’re all young women in their twenties?”

“…I want someone younger than me.”


Hearing my words, the Succubus Queen’s expression turned stiff.

“…Young Master, I apologize, but they’re not for sale.”

“Does someone like that exist?”

“…Please don’t do this, Young Master. If you keep doing this… I have no choice but to call someone?”

As the Succubus Queen spouted that with killing intent in her voice, I sighed and rummaged through my pockets.

“Look, I know you have a lot of money, but… But I can’t sell what can’t be sold…”

“…Ten pouches of gold coins.”…


The Succubus Queen, who was speaking to me in a dissatisfied tone, froze when I threw 10 gold coin pouches one after another in front of her.

‘I’m confident this will work, since aren’t you the Succubus Queen who even betrayed the Demon King because money blinded her?’

She is filled with all kinds of desires. In the previous timeline, she blew the subjects of the Demon King after falling for my fiancée’s schemes and getting captivated by the Imperial Princess’ gold and silver treasures.

Of course, the battle that occurred was an easy victory for the Demon King, but in the aftermath the Succubus Queen was purged.

Anyway, the main point is she’s obsessed with money.

“Ha, just one person… it should be okay…right? Well… I can capture her again…”

Succubus Queen, who was fidgeting while being concerned, promptly grabbed the gold coin pouches and opened her mouth.

“…Wait here. I’ll go get her myself.”

“…I personally want to confirm with my own eyes.”

“That’s really not possible. I’ll bring you the finest… You don’t have to worry, all right?”

As the Succubus Queen said those words, she knocked three times on the wall next to her.

– Goudou Goudou…!

Then, the wall split, and a secret passage appeared.

“…By the way, if you’ll excuse me, which family does the Young Master belong to? If you become a regular customer, all the members of your family will get a discount…”

“…The kids are here, right?”

“Yes, but the Young Master is here so…keuk…!”

And, looking at the open passage, I asked a question to the Succubus Queen who started negotiating a deal with me, and the moment she let her guard down, I kicked her in the stomach with all my might.

“…Hold on kids.”

I took a quick glance at the Succubus Queen, who was knocked out cold after crashing into the wall, and then started heading towards the secret passage.






“S-Save me!!”


“Waaaaah… Mommy…”


I walked out of the passage to find the children in a large prison cell with a crimson magic circle drawn in front of them.

When I saw that magic circle, I felt a raging flame burning inside me.

That is the magic circle used in ritual to awaken the powers of the Demon King.

The raw material used to draw this magic circle is children’s blood, and the condition to activate this magic circle is to sacrifice the lives of 100 healthy children.

‘…I wonder if this is what they meant when they said if they fed her well, she would become a premium product.’

Just as I was muttering to myself, I sensed someone’s presence behind me.

“…Haa, did you see that?”


“By the way, our Young Master is overflowing with energy, isn’t he? Even though he is just a mere human, he knocked me out for a while.”

The Succubus Queen, who transformed to her demonic form, was blocking the passage alongside a group of people wearing black masks.

Judging by the familiar evil aura, they are probably all warlocks… not to mention they look like high-ranking warlocks as well.

“…Don’t kill him. I want him captured alive. I’m going to use him as my toy.”


When the Succubus Queen gave her command, the warlocks stretched out their hands and began chanting spells.


As soon as I saw them chanting, I took a deep breath,unsheathed my beloved sword and swung it in full force

– Kaching!!

The room was lit with a flash of light.

And with that one sword slash, all the warlocks who were chanting spells fell to the floor helplessly.


I glared at the Succubus Queen who was baffled by the incomprehensible situation.

“Y-You…! What’s your identity!?”


“W-Wait! Wait!! Don’t come near me!!!”

As I approached her, the Succubus Queen started backing away in panic.


Soon I was on my knees, moaning and spitting blood. She tilted her head for a moment, but soon approached me with a smile on her face.

“Oh my, I thought you were just a cute toy… Who would’ve known you had such an unexpected side?”

“…Cough! Cough!”

“However… if you forcefully use such a powerful technique, you’ll only ruin your body.”


As I lay on the floor, coughing up blood, the Succubus Queen squatted down beside me and whispered softly in my ears.

“As expected, you’re my type .”


“Haa… It’s really been a long time since I’ve felt an aura with such a pure color…”


“…How ecstatic would it be to dye that pure color with a color of my own?”

Having said that, she blew wind into my ear.

“Remember this scent. It belongs to your master.”


“The succubus’ fragrance… It isn’t for everyone, all right? It’s only for my toys.”


“Great, nice. So… can you take off that stuffy looking robe?”

As I started taking off the robe according to her instruction, she looked at my face with anticipated eyes. However, as soon as she laid eyes on my face, she panicked.

“…W-What? What about that eerie mask?”

“I just bought it.”

“What? What is that…”

I stabbed my sword in her stomach in response to her question.

– Shluk!

“I know you’re trying to report to the Demon King…”


She tried to convey my appearance to the Demon King through means of transmission magic, so I quickly bought ‘Mast of Deception’ from the store, which allows me to hide my identity completely for one entire minute while wearing it.

Thanks to this, the Demon King must be furious at the sight of me wearing the white mask that even the Demon King’s eyes can’t see through, not to mention I also interfered with the awakening ritual.

“Uh, why…”


As I was about to wrap things up, the Succubus Queen grabbed the sword stuck in her stomach and spoke in a faint voice.

“How come… the Succubus’ Fragrance… didn’t work…?”

“It’s simple, because my mind is stronger than you.”

“I-Impossible… how… a mere human… more than me…”

“…Are those your last words?”

“W-Wait a minute!”

As I was about to pull my sword from her stomach, the Succubus Queen screamed frantically.

“I’ll give you information about the Demon King!!”


“Y-Yes, I don’t know how you can tell… Anyway, you’re aiming for the Demon King, right? Let me help you! Even if I look like this now, I’m still one of the closest aides of the Demon King, all right?“


As I stared at her, she started begging even more earnestly, as if she had found a glimmer of hope.

“That’s not all!! I’ll give you gold and silver jewels!! Not just the money in this store, but all of my wealth!!”


“A-And… if you wish, I’ll even serve you at night!! I’m the Succubus Queen, you know? I’m confident I can satisfy any man…”

“…It’s almost a minute.”


Having said those words, I forcefully drew the sword from her stomach.


I stared at her as she fell to her knees and spurted a great deal of blood out of her mouth. I looked at the children behind her and said in a gentle voice.

“Guys, cover your eyes.”

Then the children in the prison who were staring at me immediately covered their eyes with their hands. It’s really commendable that they listen to the adults so well.

“Why… Why… For you… it’s the best offer above all else…”

Meanwhile, as she was on her knees bleeding, she asked me a question in a fading voice.


In response to her question, I pointed to the children cowering behind her in fear.

“…You shouldn’t have touched them.”


And the next moment, her head was flying midair.

“Even I didn’t touch the kids in the previous timeline.”

I added those words while coldly staring at her head, which eventually fell and rolled around the floor, then quietly turned my back and looked at the children


Even then, the children kept their heads down while covering their eyes. I felt proud looking at these children, and eventually I was able to find that kid, my ultimate reason for coming here.

“…She’s still unconscious.”

I cut down the iron bars with my sword and freed the little girl, along with the other children. I gently took her in my arms, who remained unconscious even now because of the previous blow, then started heading outside alongside the other children.






“”Thank you very much!!””

After coming out of the secret passage, I freed all the women in prison. Afterwards, I collected the gold coins I had given to the Succubus Queen and distributed them little by little to everyone.

Originally, I was only going to give them one coin each, but seeing the faces of the impoverished people who were kidnapped to finance the Demon King and the awakening ritual, I couldn’t do it.

Then the women and children bowed their heads and asked my name, but If I told them I would die instantly, so I covered my body tightly with the black robe and kept my face hidden with a mask, and remained silent.

Saddened by this, they bowed their heads once again disappointingly, and escaped from this dreadful hell of a place after forming a group.


I had a satisfied expression on my face as I watched the backs of the disappearing people, then spoke with a smile when the kid I was holding in my arms moaned and opened her eyes.

“Are you coming to your senses?”

“…Whe-Where am I?”

The little girl, who looked around with a dumbfounded expression for a moment, soon stared at me silently and started crying.

“Oh, brother… did you save me…?”


“I-I haven’t even paid off the gold coins yet…”

“…I told you, you don’t have to pay me back.”


“…Well then, I’ll be off.”

I dropped her hesitantly at the entrance of the tavern. I was about to leave when I realized I needed to hurry back to Isolet, who was waiting for me, but…



The girl grabbed my robe and stopped me, then asked a question with an innocent expression.

“Who are you, brother?”


When I received that question, I fell in deep thought for a moment.

Because, the kid was just asking out of curiosity, but… it’s a question that means a lot to me.

Who am I… In other words, my identity… My identity has never changed since the day I first learned about my destiny from my father.

Even when I committed my first evil deed to my fiancée,

Even when the Main Heroines began to despise me,

Even when they began to die one by one,

Even when I finally succeeded in dying alongside the Demon King.

I always had only one identity.

To maintain that identity, I’ve always played a different persona every time I committed an evil deed.

Using lines and tones that only a cowardly, pathetic, childish third-rate villain would have uttered separated me from my self-defined identity as a false evil.

If I didn’t do that, I was afraid what I was doing would become a real evil instead of a false one, and because of this, my identity would eventually disappear one day and I would become a true evil.

And in the end, it seems that such a bloody effort was not in vain after all.

I was able to protect my identity up to this moment.

“…Status Window.”

I looked at my reflection in the mirror at the entrance of the tavern and intentionally used the〚Inspect〛skill by muttering out loud, even though I could open it in my mind if I wanted to.


Name: Frey Raon Starlight

Strength: ???

Mana: ???

Intelligence: ???

Mental Strength: 9

Passive Status: Blessing of the Stars / Critical Health / Depleted Life Force

As I stared at the status window that appeared in front of me, I quietly answered the little girl, who was looking at me curiously.



To the little girl who tilted her head as she heard my words, I looked at the very last line of my status window and answered in a solemn tone once again.

Disposition: Hero “I’m a Hero who was passing by.”