User Recharge Agreement:

Welcome to use the website, software and services provided by Peachy Peach Technology Ltd.

This Agreement is an agreement between PP certified users (hereinafter referred to as "Certified Members") and PP regarding the use of virtual currency "Crystals" and the use of value-added services provided by PP.

Before becoming a certified member and using the recharge service agreed in this agreement, you must first become a registered user of PP and then purchase the virtual tokens issued by PP platform through the recharge procedure, i.e. "crystals", before you can consume the purchasable episodes of PP platform services.

1. Acceptance and Modification of Terms of Service


Before agreeing to this Agreement, please read and fully understand the rules and requirements of the PP Platform, as well as the national laws and regulations regarding such Internet information services. Unless you have read and accepted all the terms of this agreement, you have no right to use the platform and related services. Your use, login and other actions are deemed that you have read and agreed to be bound by this agreement.


The terms of this Agreement may be changed by PP at any time, and users must review this Agreement periodically. Once the terms and conditions of this Agreement are changed, PP will indicate the changes on the relevant page or announce them by other means. The changed agreement will be effective to replace the original agreement once it is published. If users do not agree with any changes made by PP to this agreement, they should immediately stop using the relevant services provided by PP. If the user continues to use the relevant services of PP after the change of this agreement, the user is deemed to have fully agreed to the changed agreement.


You confirm that when you choose the virtual token top-up service under this Agreement, you shall be a natural person with civil capacity and full civil rights ability. If you are a minor, please do not attempt to register or the top-up service. You must fully and strictly abide by the terms of this Agreement when enjoying the value-added services provided by PP Platform.

2. Service Description


PP has the right to supervise, prompt and check all your activities when using the top-up service and value-added services of the platform. If your behavior violates the relevant laws and regulations or the provisions of the terms of this agreement, PP has the right to ask you to correct and pursue your responsibility. If you cause losses to PP, PP has the right to demand that you bear the corresponding compensation responsibility.


All the services provided by PP to you are limited to your use in PP platform (i.e. PP website, software and other relevant platforms launched by PP subsequently), and any act of separating the content of services provided by PP from PP platform by malicious damage and other illegal means is not part of the services provided by PP as agreed in this agreement. All legal consequences caused by this shall be the responsibility of the perpetrator, and PP will pursue the legal responsibility of the perpetrator according to law.


When you use each individual service provided by PP platform, your use behavior is regarded as your agreement to the terms of service of each individual service and the various announcements issued by PP in that individual service.


You expressly understand and agree that your top-up method is the payment method of collection by the representative charge operator, and your payment through such payment method may have certain commercial risks, including but not limited to the illegal activities carried out by the wrongdoers who have interests in your account or valuable cards such as bank cards, etc., and such risks may cause you corresponding economic losses. You are solely responsible for pursuing infringement liability against the infringing party and for any failure to do so.


You shall be responsible for the proper and correct storage, use and maintenance of your account number, account information and account password obtained from PP Platform. You shall take necessary and effective confidentiality measures for your account information and account password. PP shall not be responsible for any loss caused by the leakage of your account password or improper storage, use and maintenance of your account information and password for reasons other than PP. Meanwhile, in order to protect your security and privacy, please do not share your account with others and do not tell your account and password to others, otherwise PP has the right to freeze the account for abnormal use.


3. Recharge

3.1. You understand and agree that PP has the right to provide the services of its platform for free or for a fee. The virtual currency "crystals" you get by recharging can be used for the value-added services provided by PP platform, and cannot be used for any other purposes. The price of such value-added services is in crystals, and the specific price information will be determined by PP itself and displayed on the relevant service page.

3.2. In the payment system of PP platform, users can top up their accounts with crystals through the corresponding payment methods (please refer to the top-up page for specific payment methods) of the clients used (including but not limited to cell phones, websites and other third party payment channels).

100 Crystals = £1 (GBP).

PP reserves the right to change the above exchange ratio at any time according to the operation situation, and it will be shown on the service page of the channel related to the purchase of crystals by the user. Users are requested to recognize the official top-up platform as the only top-up platform. Users shall bear all adverse consequences such as top-up abnormalities caused by top-up through other non-official channels.

3.3. Users can only purchase (hereinafter referred to as "top-up") and consume crystals after becoming a certified member of PP. Users can check the balance of crystals, purchase records and consumption records on the Citizen page. The information related to crystals will not be public information.


4. Special Notes

4.1. Users should carefully confirm their account numbers and select the relevant operation options before confirming the recharge. PP will not compensate or compensate for any damage to their rights and interests caused by wrong account numbers, improper operation or ignorance of the recharge billing method.

4.2. Users acknowledge that once the crystals are successfully recharged, they cannot be exchanged for legal tender under any circumstances and cannot be transferred to others, except as expressly provided by laws and regulations. Except as expressly provided by laws and regulations, PP will not refund any money after the top-up of the Crystal Stone account is completed.

4.3. Users acknowledge that crystals can only be used to purchase various value-added services on the PP platform, and under no circumstances shall crystals be traded with third parties other than PP or traded on third party platforms other than the PP platform; PP shall not be responsible for any losses incurred by users or third parties as a result of any violation of the aforementioned agreement, and if PP has reason to suspect that the user's crystals account or usage has If PP has reason to suspect that the user's Crystalite account or usage is cheating or abnormal, PP will refuse to allow the user to use Crystalite for payment until the relevant blocking measures are applied as agreed in this Agreement.

4.4. PP reserves the right to set or modify from time to time matters related to the design of transactions based on transaction security and other considerations, including but not limited to transaction limits, number of transactions, etc. The User understands and acknowledges that the aforementioned setting or modification by PP may cause certain inconvenience to the User's transactions and the User has no objection to it.

4.5. The User acknowledges that any fee-based services purchased by the User cannot be returned (i.e. returned for crystals or legal tender) or exchanged for other services for any reason except as expressly provided by laws and regulations or otherwise agreed in this Agreement.

4.6. PP discourages minors from using the Platform Services, and minors should ask their guardians to operate or operate with the express consent of their guardians, otherwise they are not allowed to use the Services.

4.7. The user shall be responsible for any loss or liability arising from PP's inability to provide the Crystal Stone Purchase Service or any error in providing the Crystal Stone Purchase Service due to the user's own reasons, and PP shall not be liable, including but not limited to.

4.7.1. due to the loss, banning or freezing of the User's account.

4.7.2. property damage caused by the user informing others of the password.

4.7.3. any loss or liability resulting from the user's account with a third party payment institution bound to the user.

4.7.4. Any other property loss caused by the user's intentional or gross negligence or violation of laws and regulations.

4.8. PP has the right to temporarily or permanently ban the user's account if the user violates national laws and regulations, the agreement or other regulations of the platform for the management of the user when using the services provided by PP. After the account is blocked and until the account is unblocked (if any), the remaining crystals on the User's account will be temporarily frozen or completely deducted and cannot be used to purchase virtual products or services on the Platform, and the cash value of the crystals purchased by the User will not be returned.

4.9. The User acknowledges and agrees that if the User voluntarily cancels the account, the User's topped-up crystals and purchased membership benefits will be automatically abandoned and PP will not return the corresponding cash value or make any compensation.

4.10. If the user's top-up is inaccurate due to the failure of PP platform top-up system, PP platform will make changes according to the user's top-up situation when the platform is restored, valid data is available and the user provides legal and valid proofs.


If the system recharge amount is less than the actual recharge amount of the user due to the failure of the recharge system itself, the platform will make up the difference.


If the system recharge amount is greater than the actual recharge amount due to the failure of the recharge system, the platform has the right to recover the difference.


5. Disclaimer

5.1. PP shall not be liable for damages if the system of PP platform fails to operate normally due to the following conditions, which include but not limited to

5.1.1. during the system downtime, upgrade or adjustment announced by PP Platform.

5.1.2. when there is a failure of telecommunication communication or equipment that cannot carry out data transmission

5.1.3. when the PP Platform system is obstructed from executing its business due to force majeure factors such as typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, flood, power outage, war, terrorist attack, government control, etc.

5.1.4. Service interruption or delay due to hacker attack, technical adjustment or failure of telecommunication department, website upgrade, problems of related third parties, etc.


6. Legal Liability

6.1. PP has the right to interrupt or terminate the services under this Agreement to you at any time without notice to you in the event of any of the following circumstances.

6.1.1. The personal authentication information provided by you is untrue.

6.1.2. You violate any of the provisions of this Agreement.

In addition to the aforementioned circumstances, PP also reserves the right to interrupt or terminate part or all of the network top-up service at any time without prior notice to you, and take measures including but not limited to blocking and zeroing the account balance on the account.

6.2. If PP finds or receives reports or complaints from others that the user violates the agreement, PP has the right to review and delete the relevant content, including but not limited to user information and chat records, at any time without notice, and impose penalties including but not limited to warning, account banning, equipment banning, function banning and deduction of crystal stones on the offending account depending on the severity of the circumstances, and notify the user of the result.


Users who are banned for violating the user agreement can contact PP customer service to check the ban period and unban themselves after the expiration of the ban period. Among them, users who have been banned will automatically resume the banned functions after the expiration of the banning period. The banned users can submit complaints to the relevant page of PP website, and PP will review the complaints and decide whether to change the punishment measures by its own reasonable judgment.

6.4. The user understands and agrees that PP has the right to punish the violation of relevant laws and regulations or the provisions of this Agreement according to its reasonable judgment, take appropriate legal actions against any user who violates the laws and regulations, and save relevant information to report to relevant departments according to laws and regulations, etc. The user shall bear all legal responsibilities arising from this.

6.5. The user understands and agrees that the user shall indemnify and hold harmless PP and its partner companies and affiliates from any claims, demands or losses, including reasonable attorney's fees, asserted by any third party as a result of or arising out of the user's violation of this Agreement.

7. Commencement and Others


The validity, interpretation and dispute resolution of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom Of Britain and Northern Ireland. If any dispute or controversy arises between the User and PP, it shall first be resolved through friendly negotiation, and if negotiation fails, the User agrees to submit the dispute or controversy to the jurisdiction of the competent court in the domicile of PP.

7.2. No matter any clause of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining clauses shall remain valid and binding on both parties.

7.3. If the user has any request for clarification of terms and conditions, please stop using the service immediately and email PP: If the user chooses to agree to the agreement without sending an email containing a request for clarification of terms and conditions to PP's official customer service, the parties hereby confirm that PP has fulfilled its statutory obligation to clarify the relevant terms and conditions as requested by the user in accordance with the law and that PP has PP has given the User sufficient time and options to decide whether to conclude this Agreement.

7.4. Any problems related to top-ups encountered during the process of top-ups may contact our telex number: @peachypeachplanet


欢迎您使用Peachy Peach Technology Ltd. (以下简称为PP)提供的网站、软件及服务!



1. 服务条款的接受与修改


在同意本协议前,请您认真阅读并充分知悉PP平台的各项规则及要求,以及国家关于该类互联网信息服务的法律法规等。 除非您已阅读并接受本协议所有条款,否则您无权使用本平台及相关服务。您的使用、登录等行为即视为您已阅读并同意本协议的约束。





2. 服务说明












3. 充值



100晶体石=£1 (英镑)。

PP有权根据运营情况随时变更上述兑换比例,并将在用户购买晶体石相关渠道服务页面显示。 请用户认准平台官方充值平台为唯一充值平台,由用户通过其他非官方渠道进行充值而造成的充值异常等一切不利后果,由用户自行承担。



4. 特别提示




















5. 免责声明







6. 法律责任












本协议的效力、解释及纠纷的解决,适用于United Kingdom Of Britain and Northern Ireland法律。若用户和PP之间发生任何纠纷或争议,首先应友好协商解决,协商不成的,用户同意将纠纷或争议提交PP住所地有管辖权的法院管辖。