Rebirth Of Memory Pieces | S01



作为集团最得力的干将,席恙为了义父的任务,故意嫁给了对头家的老大封亦... 他不择手段,差点毁掉封亦的一切,甚至连对方的亲人好友都没有放过。 而等席恙认清自己对封亦的感情,幡然悔悟时却被仇人废掉双腿,弄瞎眼睛,丢进海里,落了个尸骨无存的下场。 只是席恙没想到他会重生回与封亦初遇的那一天。 重活一世,席恙下定决心改过自新要用往后余生去爱封亦。 As the group's most capable leader, Xi Yang intentionally married Feng Yi, the boss of the rival family, for the sake of his adoptive father...He did everything he could to ruin Feng Yi's life, even sparing his family and friends. By the time he realised his feelings for Feng Yi and repented, his enemy had killed his legs, blinded him and thrown him into the sea, leaving him with no bones. Only that Xi Yang never thought he would be reborn back to the day he first met Feng Yi. In his new life, Xi Yang is determined to change his ways and spend the rest of his life loving Feng Yi.